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Entertainment and Media Practice

Artist Public Policy and Philanthropy

The Flournoy Group helps entertainment industry clients strategically navigate the complexities of the political arena in Washington, D.C. as well as those at the state and local level to leverage their creative talent for maximum issue awareness and impact.  Utilizing the knowledge and extensive relationships of its principal in both Hollywood and Washington, The Flournoy Group provides the strategic connection necessary to understand, navigate and most effectively harness the power at the nexus of these two
complex worlds.  The counsel and advocacy provided complements and enhances an entertainment client's existing agent, manager, and publicist relationships to deliver maximum results in the political and policy arena.

Film Production

The Flournoy Group provides a wide range of film production consulting services including liaison with federal, state and local government and regulatory bodies on film production matters as well as talent immigration matters.  Mr. Flournoy has long been recognized a leader in the film production community in developing creative and strategic solutions to film production challenges.

Intellectual Property

With a principal directly involved in many of the cutting edge intellectual property public policy and legislative issues in the last decade, primarily in the fields of online content distribution and protection, The Flournoy Group is well-postioned to provide strategic advice and assistance to clients seeking to survive and thrive in this complex and rapidly changing sector.

Government Affairs

Environment/Green Technology

The Flournoy Group is at the forefront of providing counsel to green technology companies and other entities in their efforts to grow the clean energy economy.  Given the rapidly growing number of government agencies and regulatory bodies involved in climate change and clean energy efforts, The Flournoy Group helps clients navigate through these increasingly overlapping jurisdictions to engage with relevant policymakers and develop sound green business strategies.


Bringing extensive immigration policy making and government affairs experience from service at the most senior levels of government, the Flournoy Group provides counsel and advocacy to clients on the entire spectrum of immigration matters from immigration services to enforcement policy issues.

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